Sherbie (that's me) & Mr. Chinkee Tan himself!
I love attending trainings and seminars except when I have to take long commutes. In fact, that's one of the reasons why I organize trainings and seminars myself as my business. The income I get from producing such events was secondary to the thrill of learning I personally get from our invited speakers.

However, when I knew that two of the best motivational speakers in the Philippines will have a back-to-back seminar entitled The Power of Mindset, I knew that was something I shouldn't miss. I must say, the hassle I had to take just to attend the seminar was very much worth it. Many wonderful ideas were shared by Mr. Chinkee Tan and Mr. Francis Kong. It was a day filled with self discovery and re-discovery. It was a day of introspection and realization.

In my early thirties, I never thought acne would be my problem. I had great skin in my twenties and I was oozing with confidence to do my job perfectly.

At 30, I started having breakouts as I started with my own business. This was most probably due to stress, hormonal imbalance, and pollution due to frequent traveling. I started using different products to clear my face from branded to no-name products, from chemically-formulated to organic ones.

I became a little less confident in dealing with people because I believe that to some degree, good looks count in business This would explain the commonly posted applicant qualifications "with pleasing personality." Of course, personality is not equal to good looks but that is how many people interpret it. I shall not go into details and lecture about personality. I'd like save that in another post.

As someone who has high tolerance in pain. I am not a fan of pain relievers. In fact, when I had my child labor, I specifically asked our doctor not to induce any anesthesia (four times for four kids!). I said I can handle the pain. I use self-hypnosis. I simply get my self ready mentally, emotionally and psychologically. That also meant a lot of savings from our hospital bill.

However, if my kids are in pain, that becomes a different story. As a mother, I try my best to 'rescue' and relieve them of any discomfort.

Upon my graduation in College, I was lucky to become a college instructor. As an educator, I've always been given the chance to meet all sorts of people of different ages, (yup, I handled old folks as well --- professionals at that, trying to join the Nursing profession band), different backgrounds and different mindsets. Some are naturally gifted with intelligence, some are just street smart, some are gutsy, some are extremely shy, and for some --- I don't want to mention anymore!

A cockpit arena, a boxing ring --- that's how brands of almost all products and services utilize the internet nowadays. In fact, some pharmaceutical companies and even MLM companies selling their food supplements, drugs, medicines and vitamins; have obviously taken a plunge in the new age of marketing and advertising.

Some efforts are very educational and appreciated. Some are so annoying like spamming and 'no-consent' tagging of people in their online promotions. I particularly hate spamming of penile enlargement and Viagra promotions that gets into spam mails and pop-ups even in decent looking sites.
On the other hand, some companies' ads are very alarming like in the case of some medicine brands with sexual or violent themes.


In our everyday dealings, the halo effect is undoubtedly at work almost at all times especially when establishing initial relationships with our potential clients, friends, or romantic partners.

This is something that entrepreneurs should seriously look into to heighten their chances of closing more deals.

This theory of halo effect can be illustrated as assuming positive characteristics of a person based on his pleasing appearance (Well, this is not always the case but we can't change the general tendency of people right?). And what's a better way of having a pleasing appearance than sporting a clear, zit-free face?

Good news is --- having a clear skin is no longer a far reality for many of us since the #1 anti-acne system in America is now in the Philippines!

What if you learn that there is a microlending company that gives you all these, would you grab it?

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   in your pajamas!

* up to 1 month salary on first loan
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_It's Christmas and it's our usual time of the year when we shop and give something to someone (or even to ourselves). It seems that buying things during this season is already embedded in our culture as part of celebrating this annual event.

One of the nice gifts I receive this month is a Guess watch given by a relative abroad. I like the style because it is simple and functional. I don't like bold and loud accessories anyway.

_As a blogger, I have had several offers to do online black propaganda. The biggest offer was when I was asked to make an 'expose' regarding an issue (involving personalities and local political figures) by setting up anonymous blogs and sites. I was offered three hundred thousand pesos for such simple tasks. It was indeed very tempting at a glance. I must admit, it took me the whole night to think about it. In the end, I declined the offer. Some may think that was a crazy decision. For me, that was one of the best decisions I've made as a blogger as it saved my credibility, self-respect and peace of mind.